Marketing and Sales for B2B SAAS Products

I was honored to speak with Tyson Batino on his Scaling Japan podcast about B2B marketing and sales for SaaS Products in Japan. This was part 1 of a 2-part talk on sales in Japan.

In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we are joined by Evan Burkosky. As an expert on marketing and sales in Japan, he is an angel investor, startup advisor, and the head of Enterprise Digital Marketing at TechnoPro, a publicly traded company on the Tokyo stock exchange. Evan will be discussing how to conduct marketing and sales for B2B SAAS products in Japan.

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Links from Guest Appearance

  • Reach out to Evan Burkosky on his LinkedIn
  • Make sure to check out his website here.

Links to Additional Resources

Show Notes

(1:33) Evan Burkosky’s self introduction

(3:19) Getting leads for a B2B SAAS product

(7:08) What are the different channels in Japan

(10:40) How can people in the seed stage get paid POC

(16:52) Inbound sales explained

(22:36) What is the customer journey

(26:54) Distinction between inbound and outbound sales

(31:19) Lead qualifications

(34:51) Culture around forms in Japan

(42:56) How to promote webinars in Japan

(47:31) Useful softwares and tools in Japan