Types of Sales Frameworks in Japan

This is the second part of a 2-part series discussing sales in Japan with Tyson Batino on his Scaling Japan podcast. I highly recommend you check out all the great interviews he’s got over there!

In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we are joined once again by Evan Burkosky. He is an expert on marketing and sales in Japan, an angel investor, a startup advisor, and the head of Enterprise Digital Marketing at TechnoPro, a publicly traded company on the Tokyo stock exchange. Today, Evan will be sharing his experience with applying different sales methodologies and frameworks in Japan.  

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Links from Guest Appearance

  • Reach out to Evan Burkosky on his LinkedIn
  • Be sure to check out his personal webpage to learn more about his expertise

Links to Additional Resources

Show Notes

(1:20) Evan Burkosky’s self-introduction

(3:32) What is a sales methodology 

(6:38) Customer journey explained

(10:13) What is a deal qualification framework

(12:22) How has sales culture changed over time

(15:56) Challenger sale methodology explained

(18:20) Shared responsibility of decision-making in Japan

(20:38) Why deals can be long processes

(24:00) Most common frameworks in Japan

(29:17)  Which framework is most effective in Japan

(31:03) Stakeholder alignment document and process explained

(36:40) Why company size does matter

(38:46) What type of deal size justifies implementing a deal qualification framework

(40:19) Working with channel partners

(42:46) Account-based sales