Business Karaoke Episode #56: Jumping the 2025 Digital Cliff – Actions and Thoughts

This was the second time I was honored to be interviewed by Brittany Arthur on the Business Karaoke Podcast

In this episode, we have the rare pleasure of welcoming back a guest and its all the more special as its close friend of the Business Karaoke Podcast, Evan Burkosky. Evan is a Digital Transformation (DX) expert in Japan helping  businesses adopt new technologies and improve productivity via AI, automation, eCommerce, and retail logistics. He has worked both agency-side and vendor-side selling to Japan’s Fortune 500, co-founded several startups, and is a Senior Advisor to several others. Currently he is the Country Manager for Dynamic Yield, Board Director at TELL, and Senior Advisor at Fast Track Asia.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing Evan’s first episode, I’d recommend you do. As to understand where we are and where we are going, which is the focus of this episode, it’s valuable to understand the factors that brought us here in the first place. For example; Evan’s theory that Japan’s reluctance to move completely to the cloud has more to do with the fear of natural disasters than immaturity of digital transformation. In this episode we dive into Japan’s digital scorecard, the pandemic and other accelerators to change, the 2025 Digital cliff and Evan’s personal predictions about what’s ahead. I love this episode because its full of the kind of actionable ideas and information that get you focused and excited on a challenge, not confused overwhelmed.

Also, the day this episode is live is Evan’s birthday so feel free to head over to LinkedIn and say happy birthday!

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and don’t forget to share your feedback with me on your favorite social platform.

Let’s begin!

💡 Key Conversations 
02:55  |  Intro to Evan and why DX is important to him personally
07:53  |  Japan’s Digital Scorecard
14:05  |  If the benefit of investment is obvious, what’s the hold up?
27:55  |  Pandemic and other accelerators
52:30  |  Recommendations and projections to jump the 2025 “Digital Cliff”
1:20:35  |  The role Design Thinking may play

Here are some places for you to learn more about Evan and his work:
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