BusinessKaraoke Podcast Ep. 18: E-Commerce, Digital Transformation & New Business Opportunities in a Post COVID Economy

I was honored to be interviewed by Brittany Arthur on the Business Karaoke Podcast Ep. 18: E-Commerce, Digital Transformation & New Business Opportunities in a Post COVID Economy. From the show notes:

In this episode, we sit down with Evan Burkosky and take an anecdotal approach to exploring the evolution of e-Commerce and digital transformation in Japan. Evan is the Japan country manager for Dynamic Yield, where he channels 2 decades of e-commerce insights to improving the customer experience (CX) by digitalizing the internationally renowned customer service concept of Omotenashi. We begin the conversation with a very candid recap of entrepreneurship and learn about Evan’s experience as being one of the first evangelists of e-commerce and the digital economy. We then dive into the some of the non-obvious influencers behind the slow adoption of technology among Japan Inc. while giving equal focus to the tangible opportunities that present themselves to businesses who can stomach risk.

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Let’s begin!

Below are some timestamps of our conversation so you can quickly navigate the topics most relevant for you.

Key Takeaways

💡 02:00 | A personal journey of almost 2 decades in e-commerce
💡 34:35 | 10 years of growth in 90 days & the internet democratizing the playing field in Japan.
💡 39:30 | Social shifts and the wider impact on consumer behavior.
💡 44:00 | Challenges for Japan Inc. in responding to the pressure of COVID-19.
💡 49:30 | Non-obvious barriers to digitalization; natural disasters.
💡 54:10 | The ultimate goal of a corporation and trust ecosystem of the sub-contracting structure.
💡 1:01:20 | New business opportunities and mindset barriers to digital transformation
💡 1:18:55 | What’s next?

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